©Ilona Brandwacht

My time away 14-09-2006

If been away for more then 1620 days
I have cried in many ways.
But then it was time to return ones again.

At first I didn’t belong
Every thing felt wrong
I wasn’t a part of This family

I don’t feel a part of this
I can’t seem to be able to fit in
I can’t find my place

Is this my home?
Is this my life?
Is this where I belong?

But as the time goes by
I learn how to cry
How to let it pas by.

This is a thing that has happened in the past.
The memory of this will always last.
But now I know, I have my one place in this wonderful family

No mater who I am
or where If been
They will love me for who I am.

©Ilona Brandwacht 14-9-2006

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