©Ilona Brandwacht

No hope 09-11-2011

At this moment I have no hope
It feels like my life is hanging on a thin rope
It can break at any time
I can’t take this endless climb

It seem I never reach the end
This can ‘t be the intend
I can’t seem to control my feeling
I’m never seem to be healing

I don’t know what this is about
I can’t explain the endless doubt
I’m just not able to see
Any bright future for me

I can’t seem to explain to them
What I’m thinking, who I am
I don’t think the understand
These feelings of me, they never end

It makes me feel
As if this can’t be real?
Am a really that sick?
Or is this just another mind trick?

©Ilona Brandwacht 09-11-2011

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