©Ilona Brandwacht

What we need 25-02-2008

The way life goes we will never know
With everything that happens we grow

The things we don’t want to see
Are the things that we need to see

The things we don’t want to hear
Are the things we need to hear

The things we don’t want to go trough
We need to go trough

But some times it doesn’t seem right
To be going in and out of a fight

A fight that seems to be so hard
That you are forever on you’re guard

But remember that whenever you feel this way
There is always someone around to say, it’s okay

We always have people who care
With them you can share

No matter what you are going through
We can always be true about where our thoughts are going to

What our feelings make us feel
What our eyes make us see
What are ears make us hear

©Ilona Brandwacht 27-05-2008

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