©Ilona Brandwacht

Who I think I am 12-08-2009

Let me tell you who I think I am

I’m a young woman, just 21years of age
I’ll try not to write no more than 1 page
I want you to know
So I can show
Who I am, who I want to be
Why I need to be free

I don’t go out
This is because I’ll doubt
Doubt everything I say or do
Did I do it right is it true?

I quit school because I couldn’t cope
I quit because I had no hope
No hope of ever getting well|
I just crawled back in my shell

I don’t trust anyone
You never know what they might have done
They might use you, break your heart
I just don’t wane take part

Part in what I’ll know be hart
I just want it easy for a start
Easy, I can’t take any more pain
I’m even afraid of the rain

I’m afraid almost all the day
I don’t know where I should stay
Stay home and be strong
or just go along

along with my parents at their home
or hope I’ll find a wish bone
I’m lonely en need a friend
But who can I trust, can I be content?

I know I am not alone, But still I feel alone
I know I don’t need to be afraid, But still I am afraid
I need to get this to an end, I need to get better
Know what is wrong know, what I have done so I can make it better so I can be normal again.

Life my life without trouble and as less pain as I can, be happy once again

So now you know the story. This is who I am and who I what to be.

©Ilona Brandwacht 12-08-2009

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