©Ilona Brandwacht

Will there be an end? 24-04-2012

I have the feeling I can’t hold on
Hold on to the directions, they seem to be gone
I’m always ending right where I began
Going thru the same things as then

I’m trying to fight my way back
But I get stuck on the same track
When ever I ask for someone to guide me thru
They say this doesn’t sound like you

We do not understand, you look fine
But this will last, only for a short time
When things in my surroundings change
It will start to feel strange

But as time passes by
It only make me cry
Ones again I feel lost
It seem my final limed has been crossed

I know that there is a road I must take
But if this goes on I will break
The people that are suppose to understand
Won’t listen or reach out there hand

All I’m asking for is that they understand
That they do all they can
I don’t want my life to end
It’s just…….. this can’t be the intent

I still believe that there will be some one
Someone who will listen en gets it done
Helps me to move on
Make a life for myself without wishing I’d be gone

©Ilona Brandwacht 24-04-2012

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