©Ilona Brandwacht

Excepting it all 10-04-2013

I need to learn to let go
Even though it hurts so
Now is the time to except is all
Even if I’m scared I might fall

I need to know I’m not alone
I’m not just on my own
There are more people like me
I just need to see

What makes me to be me is clear
This Is nothing to fear
Its just who I am
What others think I shouldn’t give a dam

I’m just learning to except it all
Without being afraid to fall
It just needs to take some time
To realize this is just a scary climb

Once I reach the top
I need to drub
Drub the act I learned to play
I‘m not a freak, I am okay

My life is now on the road to recovery
Just to learn to be me
Is something I need to see
Its okay to be me

© Ilona Brandwacht 10-04-2013

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