©Ilona Brandwacht

Fear 11-07-2013

You asked me what I fear
At first I had no idea
I started to thing about what it could be
It took me some time but now I see

Fear is always been a part of me
But know its keeping me from who I can be
It prevents me to grow
To a point I no longer know

I don’t know what to believe
I don’t know why that feeling won’t leave
It’s there every day
I can’t seem to take it away

Know I need to know
What it is the makes me so
So afraid I cant get through the day
So afraid I can’t find my way

At first I thought I feared fear it self
But I was afraid of something else
I thought it was me being afraid of the outside
But that still wasn’t id, even though I did hide

I then realised I’m afraid of something grader
I’m afraid of being left here on my own
Being left all alone
A feeling like I‘ve always known

I don’t understand who I am
So how can someone else, damn
Does anyone know how to get through
If I can’t live with myself, how can you

11-07-2013 ©Ilona Brandwacht

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