©Ilona Brandwacht

I’m confused 10-02-2016

I’m feeling something I can’t explain
It’s like I’m in pain
Every day is a fight
There is no end in sight

When the day begins in the morning
It’s like there is a warning
Something tells me I don’t feel right
And so begins the fight

I’m already feeling depressed
My heart is beating hard in my chest
I’m having chills all over my skin
It is making my head spin

I’m starting to have a panic attack
It feels like a huge setback
I don’t understand what is going on
Where did I go wrong

Why is my mind feeling blue
Are these feelings really true
Is this just a mind trick
Is this why I’m feeling sick

Can these feelings go away
Will I be okay
When can I see the light
Can I stop this endless fight

©Ilona Brandwacht 10-02-2016

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