©Ilona Brandwacht

Locked up 20-07-2013

She feels like she is locked up
And the key is drubbed
Drubbed down in a big black hole
Where  she has no control

Locked up in this cage
She gets stuck on one page
She keeps thinking I wish I was free
As free as a bird can be

But what she didn’t see
Were the people who were trying to let her be
Let her  be what she wants to be
And that’s to be free

She wouldn’t  let them in
She couldn’t begin
To start trusting people
People she just didn’t know

These people ware trying to let her know
She didn’t have to go
They where only trying to let her see
She’s already as free as a bird can be

©Ilona Brandwacht 20-07-2013

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