©Ilona Brandwacht

My guardian angels 10-08-2013

I want you to know
It’s something I need to show
I need you to believe
It’s about a feeling that will never leave

From the moment my life got hard
There was one feeling that always been a part
A part of my life for as long as I’ve known
It’s what has helped me to grown

It’s made me who I am today
Its what’s shown me the way
They are always there
They will always care

They are the ones who raised me up
They are the ones who never gave up
They stood by me every step of the way
Because of them I make is through the day

To most people the are taking for granted
To me they are a seed well planted
They will always have a special place in my heart
For they will always be a part

A part in my life the will be

My guardian angels that’s what they are to me

©Ilona Brandwacht 10-08-2013

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