©Ilona Brandwacht

Perfect 01-09-2015

I try to do everything right
This is always a fight
I feel I must go through
It’s not easy to do

This show I’m putting on
It’s so I don’t do anything wrong
I don’t want to make a mistake
Because I think my heart will break

In my mind there is no way
Making a mistake isn’t okay
It makes me feel insane
Is there something wrong with my brain?

Because of what they said
It made me feel bad
why do I still doubt
what is this all about

Why don’t I believe in me?
Why does it always need to be
Do I need to have everything checked
Does is need to be perfect

Mistakes make me feel dumb
although they are here to learn from
It just don’t seems to get though
No matter what I do

they need to see what I can do
they need to see through
I don’t know how they will react
all I know is this is an act

being perfect feels save
I’m just not that brave
I’m afraid of what I’ll think of me
if perfect is not who I can be

© Ilona Brandwacht 01-09-2015

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