©Ilona Brandwacht

Tears in my eye 16-06-2015

My feelings are a mess
All I do is guess
Guess what I think is real
What I think I feel

I have no clue
How to get true
I’m doing everything
Just to hold it in

How I  feel
This doesn’t seem real
It feels like I’m in pain
It’s a feeling I can’t explain

I need to cry
I’m afraid to try
Afraid It won’t dry
The tears in my eye

Afraid to let it go
Afraid to show
Show what I really feel
Let this be real

If I might cry
And can’t explain why
Will they understand?
What if they can’t?

Afraid to let them in
Let them see beneath my skin
All I want is a little hope
That I’ll be able to cope

I need to do this for me
I shouldn’t  care who will see
I need to let this out
Even if I it means I need to shout

Just let is out
Without having a doubt
Letting these feeling go
Just let it show

©Ilona Brandwacht 16-06-2015

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