©Ilona Brandwacht

The changing of the seasons 03-07-2014

The changing of the seasons
Comes with a reason
It helps nature to grow
The changing seasons will show

Show a change in weather
Some seasons will bring people together
Some seasons will bring snow
Another season make the wind blow

There is the spring
This is where it will begin
Plants will grow and show
All of the beautiful collars you know

After spring summer is there
The weather is nice almost everywhere
It’s a time of vacations and fun
Getting a tan in the sun

Then there is the fall
It’s a wonderful time for al
The leaves will fall from the trees
You can gets a cold and sneeze

the winter is the last season we know
in this season we will see lots of snow
it’s a time where people come together
to stay warm during the cold weather

©Ilona Brandwacht 3-7-2014

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