©Ilona Brandwacht

The dark 10-08-2013

I can’t see a thing
I can’t see what the day will bring
All around me it’s dark
I can’t find a single spark

There is no light anywhere
It’s like there is nobody there
I’m let all on my own
It’s a darkness I’ve always known

I try to find my way trough
I trying to find my way to you
There is no way I’ m getting to where I want to be
There’s no way I can be free

I’m scared and lost
I don’t know witch path I have crossed
Why isn’t there any light
Why can’t I seem to win this fight

I know there is a switch to turn on
I just don’t know witch one
If I knew where to turn on the light
I might be able to win this fight

Is there anyone who knows what to do
Please to tell me to
I can’t do alone I need a helping hand
I need someone to help me stand

©Ilona Brandwacht 10-08-2013

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