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The need to be normal 04-09-2015

Al my life I’ve had a need
It’s been a strong lead
I’ve always compared myself with another
Instead of looking at myself I’d rather

Rather be as normal as can be
I start to copy what I see
I made myself to be like them
I lost myself, I lost who I am

I thought this was the price to pay
To be able to stay
Blend in white all other life
All I had to do was strife

Strife to blend in
I didn’t need to bruise my skin
I needed to look and aced as everyone did
I needed to keep on there was no room to quit

If I quit everyone will see
The will see a strange person, they’ll see me
Know I found out I’m not as strange as a thought
I’m just a bit different who is not

The need to be normal still feel strong
I still have the urge to go on
I need to make myself believe
There is no reason for me to leave

There are more people like me
I just need to see
It’s okay to be a bit strange
There’s no need for me to change

Just stay true to who you are
In your own way you to are a star
I also have a right to be who I am
No matter if I’m different as them

©Ilona Brandwacht 4-9-2015

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