©Ilona Brandwacht

To high expectations 11-08-2013

There is something I cant seem to change
Its what I do in my own ways
I’ve always had high expectations for myself
I always have to reach for the highest shelf

When something is done
I must see did I do anything wrong
Should I have don it an other way
Did I give it everything I had did I do okay

This way of doing things is taking its toll
Its been a heavy on the soul
I’m tiered I cant do it no more
I cant keep op this score

Why  cant I just be happy with the choices I make
It is time that I awake
I need to change my expectations
I need to get some patience

Even I didn’t do is right the first time
This doesn’t make is a crime
I just need to know I did my best
The next time I’ll do the rest

I’m just another person
I did all that I could have don
Remember there is another way to do it to
So the next time I will know what to do

©Ilona Brandwacht 11-08-2013

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