©Ilona Brandwacht

What is going on? 25-10-2015

Daylight is fading away
The night is here to stay
All the leafs are falling
Our Time is Calling

Outside the sky is grey
It’s like this every day
Everybody is complaining
Because it’s always raining

The sun is nowhere to be found
Even birds make no sound
Out there it’s getting cold
It’s like the world is on hold

Time seems to have frozen
It’s something they have chosen
it happens every now and then
it shocks every woman and men

They don’t know what to do
How are we getting though

How does the day keeps getting longer?
How can we get stronger?
Why does this happen every day
Why can’t this just go away

What is going on?

©Ilona Brandwacht 25-10-2015

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