©Ilona Brandwacht

What is the matter? 25-10-2015

My mind says I’m okay
I just don’t feel that way
My feelings are a mess
I’m having to mush stress

It makes me feel alone
Like I’m on my own
It’s making me feel insane
I don’t want to complain

Panic is taking over my mind
I don’t know how to find
Find my way back
It feels like I’m under attack

It’s a fight I cannot win
Its making my head spin
I can’t hold on
What am I doing wrong?

I just don’t know what to do
How am I getting through?
Why can’t I take this any longer?
Will I ever get stronger?

Strong enough to fight my way through
To be able to do what I need to
Live life my one way
Without the skies getting grey

No matter what is going on
I need to get this done

I have to make a choice
And listen to my inner voice
Start trusting myself once again
As I did back then

©Ilona brandwacht 20-10-2015

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