©Ilona Brandwacht

Why? 21-02-2016

You felt like you had to go
Why I still don’t know
It’s a choice I don’t understand
It’s something you had planned

I still can’t believe
You had to leave
They say love is blind
But you left us behind

You left without saying goodbye
Now we still don’t know Why
We loved  you with all our heart
For You are a part

A part of our live
Your son is now five
He misses you every Day
Why couldn’t you stay

Why did you make this choice
We cannot hear Your voice
We cannot ask you why?
Why did you have to die?

We want you to know
You didn’t have to go
We still loved you even though
My sister had to go

You are a part of our family tree
This is something you couldn’t see
Somehow you felt all alone
I wish I could have known

I wish there was something we could have done
So you could have won
This battle you had to fight
It Just doesn’t seem wright

We lost a wonderful guy
We keep on asking why?
It’s a question that will  stay
One Day we will find a way

A way to heaven and see you again
But until then
We will live on
Even though you are gone

In my mind you will live on
You didn’t do anything wrong
I still love you every Day
This feeling is here to stay

©Ilona Brandwacht 21-02-2016

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