©Ilona Brandwacht

Moving forward 03-03-2019

I will always reach for the stars
Even though I have my scars
I am still brave at heart
I’m ready for a fresh start

No matter what people say
Nobody can scare me away
I am here to stay

I have earned my place
I can walk with grace
Hold my head up high
And look dead in the eye

I am who I want to be
I feel completely free
I have found the key

I found the key to happiness
No longer holding on to stress
Take some time just for me
Has helped me to see

Not everything is Black and white, sometimes there’s gray
Because I know this, I am moving forward every day
Looking at life differently, following my own way

I have never felt more alive than I do now
I do not yet understand how
All I know is that I like this feeling
It feels like I’m healing

my heart is slowly beating
no need to be competing
my mind keeps repeating

I am worthy of friendship and love
This is what I am proud of
For all that I have learned
I definitely got what I earned

I no longer feel crappie
For I feel healed, loved and happy

©Ilona Brandwacht

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